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Acorn Dog Training was set up as a small training club in 1991 and has developed from there. We are located in Milton Keynes, which is a new town in the South Midlands region binary options of the United Kingdom. Most classes are run by Fran Griffin (who is NOT associated with any other Fran in the locality, who operates under the "Puppy School" franchise) who is now semi-retired (on health grounds) from the UK Registry Of Canine Behaviourists, a professional body which recognises very high standards of practice, and runs to a strict code of conduct. Fran has been researching dog training methods and behaviour for many years, and despite her academic qualifications in Behaviour Sciences and Cognitive Psychology, her greatest teachers have been the puppies and dogs she has lived with, the many dogs she has encountered over the years, and you the owners.

Due to an auto-immune health problem, Fran has now restricted herself to running puppy and junior training classes, and agility training, but is no longer taking on dogs with severe behaviour problems. although she is still available to give advice via the phone.

Fran is assisted by Glynis Gammie who has owned and lived with dogs for over 35 years. Four years ago she joined the Anglian Wolf Society as a volunteer trainee handler and still spends time working with the wolves every week.

During her training Glynis found herself fascinated with canine behaviour and body language and began to study this in more depth. Subsequently, she has completed several courses in Canine Psychology, recently gaining a certificate in Advanced Canine Psychology, and is currently working towards an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management.

In order to gain insight and practical experience with dogs Glynis began working with Fran in November 2004 as a trainee instructor. binary option

We have now been joined by Craig Baker, who like Glynis is studying for his Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management. Craig is also a serving Police Dog Handler with Bedfordshire Constabulary.


Trainer/behaviour specialist Phil Watson of AWS Dog Training also works alongside as an associate.

Phil is the founder of the Anglian Wolf Society which is a canine behaviour and wolf conservation study group based near Bedford. They have hand-raised wolves which are walked regularly with visitors to the site. Phil has always loved dogs, wolves, horses and birds of prey and has been involved with all of these at various stages of his life. After he left college, Phil earned his living as a teaching and performing musician for nearly six years before starting his own computer business and spending the next twenty odd years in I.T. In the last five years, dogs and wolves have occupied ever more of his time and now works full time as a dog-trainer and behaviourist.

The whole ethos of Acorn Dog Training School is to inform and show owners how to teach their dogs using positive, kind, fair and effective training methods, and how to create a balanced relationship through trust and respect, rather than fear, and domination. There is no such thing as a "one size glove fits all" method to training dogs, therefore our class sizes are deliberately kept small, so that we are able to tailor our classes to meet your requirements, and your dogs own individual learning needs. We also try to make the classes as relaxed, fun and informative as we possibly can, to enable both people and dogs to learn in a calm and friendly environment.

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Are you thinking about getting a dog or a puppy? Please call us for some FREE advice BEFORE deciding. Different breeds have different needs. There are also a great many pitfalls involved in selecting the right puppy, from the right breeder, the right parents, the right environment and also matching the right puppy to suit your lifestyle. There are also many genetic problems, which many perspective owners are unaware of. Please don't be caught out, and end up one of the many who end up broken hearted.

So what can go wrong? Take a look at these websites for some of the hard facts:



Advice on buying a puppy

Adopting a rescue dog can also result in major problems and heartache. For the cost of a telephone call, we are here to help you in all aspects of selection. Be a happy dog owner. Be fully aware. Know that you are doing the right thing. Please call us today. binary option hong kong

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