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Agility Training Milton Keynes Provides Fun For All

We teach agility at all levels, from complete beginners to serious competition. So come along and enjoy. Agility is for dogs of all shapes and sizes, NOT JUST FOR COLLIES. There are many dogs of different breeds, mixed breeds, shapes and sizes doing extremely well in agility.


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If your dog is friendly towards other dogs, comes when called whilst there are other dogs around, can wait when told, physically sound, and likes to run and leap, then this could well be for you.

Our classes are run by: Fran (01908) 397236, Darien and Miranda Frankham (01908) 605622. Also regular guest trainers Alan and Jayne Bray who run improvers workshops for members of our school.

Darien and Miranda Frankham have a great deal of experience in the agility ring, with their dogs winning or being placed in their classes at Crufts .

Fran also has a great deal of experience running her 3 Irish Setters, who can certainly, and very reliably, hold their ground against many collies in the ring, as well as often being up there in the placings. In fact the youngest one who is just over 2 1/2 years (see video above) is gaining places at just about every show she attends, along with wonderful comments about her performance from the ring party and spectators alike. Thanks for all of your lovely comments from both Tallulah and myself ~ Fran.

Alan and Jayne Bray (our regular guest trainers) are very well known on the agility circuit and are often seen competing (and winning) at all the top shows, including Crufts and Olympia. They are great trainers, and have taught me (Fran) so much. Priority for attending Alan and Jayne's workshops is always given to those attending Fran's classes.

Available Courses:

Agility for complete beginners with Fran Griffin

Sunday 17th September at 10.00am and 11.15am
£40 for a six week course.

To book please email Fran by clicking here, or telephone 01908 397236


Darien and Miranda Frankham have some places available for beginner dogs on Monday evenings and Tuesday mornings which you would be welcome to join, they also have spaces for those already competing. Email them by clicking here or telephone (01908) 605622



All trainers at Acorn Dog Training use motivational, fair and effective training methods. We teach and do NOT manhandle dogs onto any of the equipment.


Congratulations to Sue Ellis and Gus (WSD) for not only winning Novice Agility at Norfolk show (July) but was placed in 5 other classes including Intermediate ~ very well done you two, you go from strength to strength.

Tally the Irish Setter, see video above, is placed 3rd in Starters Agility at Empingham Show and is placed in 4 other classes. Tally is going from strength to strength, having won out of Elementary and now getting her first placings in Novice at the Agility Club show. Are there any other Irish Setters competing and getting placed at this level?

Congratulations to Sharon Wild with George and Henry the Hungarian Vislaz's for winning out of Starters and coming 2nd in the Starters Cup at the Kennel Club International Festival. Contrary to the belief of a small minority, you do not need to go out and buy yourself a collie if you want to win!


Click here to read an article by Jorn Oleby, author of the book "Canine Massage and Stretching". An absolute must for anyone involved in active dog sports.


Here are a few photos of some of classes and workshops in action:


Irish Setters and Agility?...... yes they do, and get highly placed



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