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As per usual, the human politics of competition have got in the way for those who enjoy such activities the most - the dog!


Tally was refused a place on the flyball team because "It's about fairness to the people that have put the effort and money into the club." (quote taken directly from an email). Obviously, myself and Tally contributed nothing! For those who are unaware, or have been told otherwise, Tally and myself were the founders of the club. After allowing another person to take over the training, we found ourselves excluded from the classes, as the times were altered so as to conflict with our other training activities. I asked for the equipment to be left out at the end of the sessions to give Tally a chance to practice - it was always being packed away just in time for us to appear, despite the fact that the equipment is owned by myself. I personally hate flyball training, straight up and down - to me that's very boring, but Tally loved it, in fact she was manic about it! My heart ached for her as she watched the other dogs practice from a distance, but found it being packed away in front of her as she arrived for her turn.

For these reasons, Acorn Dog Training no longer offers flyball as a service. The original idea behind dog sports was to enrich the life of the dog, so that it, and the owner could enjoy doing things together. What are the prizes for the dog running up and down? is the dog bothered about prizes of a few ribbons or perhaps a small trophy? No, the enjoyment for the dog is the activity and so it should be for the humans involved.

Never mind Tally. Humans are very strange creatures. Winning becomes an obsession to some, almost as obsessive in behaviour as the breed of dog they own. As a result, all the fun and laughter dies. There are much better things in life for dogs and their owners to enjoy where "winning at all costs" has little or no value. Fortunately, some of this spirit still prevails in agility, but even there the competitive nature gets the better of a few people.

I am sad for you dear Tally. You are now the one who will miss out on something you really enjoyed doing.





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