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Fran's Addison's Disease, a rare auto-immune disorder which affects both humans and other animals, is (more or less) under control.


As a dog lover, I know you won't mind me e-mailing you.

5 year old Saxon is a GSD police dog, in Wales, belonging to the father of a friend of mine, who is a police dog handler. Despite Saxon being an excellent and loyal police dog for a number of years, and having saved his handler from injury or death on numourous occasions, the police force has decided not to re-licence him as a police dog.

For no apparent reason, and despite the handler being desperate to keep Saxon as a dearly loved pet, the "powers that be" want him destroyed. In their words, it is the "RESPONSIBLE THING TO DO" !!!


Please please sign the petition to save Saxon at

The Daily Mirror is going to run an article about him and he may be appearing on Richard & Judy, but the more electronic signatures we can collect, the better his case will look.

Please forward this message to any of your friends you think would sign the petition to help Saxon.

Also see Saxon's story on the BBC Wales News at
and South Wales Argus at

xxxx Sharon xxxx



Advance Notice of a one day clicker training workshop late October in Kent, by Fran Griffin. More details will be published here soon.



Please sign Heather Mills-McCartney's petition against the dog/cat hair trade by clicking on this link. Thank you. warning: this site contains graphic details.


Milton Keynes Council and Dog training:

In this new 'city' where there are lots of community halls, and meeting places, the council refuse to allow any of these facilities to be used for the purpose of dog training..... Why? "in case children who use these centers in the days following a class develop some kind of infectious disease which causes them to go blind or other nasty symptoms, therefore we err on the side of caution".

Does this imply that people with children never have dogs? that parents never bring their children along with them whilst classes are in progress? Has a child ever attending one of my classes been blinded or developed some terrible disease? The answer to this is no! In fact the reality is that there hasn't even been a child injured through a dog bite, which would be the most likely incident to occur given the law of averages.

The whole idea of our training classes are educate the whole family about the reality of dog ownership and training.

Whilst the dog is still a puppy, many potential problems can be prevented. Parents bring children of varying ages into class, and indeed some very young children have shown some amazing handling talents (often better than their parents). These classes also run to the format of the Kennel Club's Good Citizen Dog Scheme, which promotes social responsibility and care, including eliminating potential health risks by alerting people to the importance of routine worming. Many councils up and down the country support the KC scheme. Does Milton Keynes council support the scheme? No! I doubt if anyone there truly knows that the scheme exists, and if they do, it appears to be the VERY least of their priorities.

From where I am standing, the attitude of Milton Keynes Borough Council towards dog training and responsible dog ownership has been more than unhelpful. One person I spoke to on the phone said this:

"if you want to do dog training, then find yourself an old barn out in the middle of the countryside somewhere, then it won't be a health hazard to young children" Well, actually it could be, especially when I am in the business of educating the whole family on how to live and react successfully with a family pet. Has nobody in Milton Keynes council heard about the diseases which 'townie' children can pick up from farm animals? and guess what? the children only pick up those illnesses because they have no immunity from regular exposure to such animals! What kind of children do Milton Keynes council want you to have? A disinfected culture where children develop illnesses through lack of natural exposure? and who have no experience of existing with other life forms which inhabit our beautiful planet, unless they are in safe picture form?

Come on Milton Keynes council, be more reasonable. This area desperately needs a permanent venue where adults and children can be taught the realities of dog ownership. Only through education will the social problems be resolved. Our beautiful parks are large and plentiful, unlike other cities. There is room for everybody, and how much better for all it would be for all concerned if more dogs were well trained and under proper control. Without the service we provide, there would be many more incidents and conflicts between dog owners and non dog owners. Help us to find a permanent base in this area.

..... and other local authorities ban dogs from beaches because of health risks. But who are the true culprits? Click here to find out.

Local M.P Dr. Phyllis Starkey has now joined our campaign to help find a permanent venue for dog training in this area. Progress (or lack of) reports will be posted here in due course.

7/6/06, so far absolutely nothing has come of my contact with the M.P. In fact, I have not received any replies to my emails asking for an update on the situation.

The result of this is that I am now seriously looking to relocate to another area where the attitude of the local authority is more supportive. This without doubt confirms that the attitude of the Milton Keynes authorities towards dog owners, especially those who wish to be responsible is nothing short of diabolical.





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