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Disclaimer: Fran Griffin of Acorn Dog Training, is NOT associated with any other "Fran" who has recently set up under the "Puppy School" franchise.

Our puppy training courses are designed for the puppy who has just completed its vaccinations and who is under 20 weeks of age by the start of the course. Acorn Dog Training tutors have personal experience of living with puppies of a variety of breeds and characters, as well as having theoretical knowledge and proper qualifications in training and behaviour. In particular, Fran Griffin has had more than 25 years experience of training dogs, using different methods and ideas, as well as taking the time to learn more about how dogs learn by taking a degree in cognitive psychology.

We hope this web page answers all your questions about our puppy classes and that the pictures capture some of the atmosphere. All of the pictures of the puppies attending a class were taken by a junior member of one of the families attending.

If you are thinking about joining a class I would strongly recommend you contact us quickly as they fill up very fast.

Courses will either be held at Woughton on the Green (summer months), or Bradwell, Bradville or * New Bradwell - during winter months. * Please note we are not associated with any other trainer who uses the community centre at New Bradwell.

The price of the puppy training course is £60 for 6 sessions and class sizes are now being limited to an absolute maximum of 8 (preferably 7) puppies and no older dogs (apart from our own) present. From September the price of the puppy course will increase to £70 due to increasing venue hire costs. The courses are structured from one week to the next, and can be a time of great enjoyment for both dogs and humans, especially when you see what your dog can achieve. Stress levels and overall behaviour are constantly monitored, to ensure that the best environment is created to facilitate learning. As with all of our courses, all dogs and owners are treated as individuals, and not just 'one of the class'. Training methods will vary at times between dogs according to breed requirements and temperament, but always with kindness and fairness. Between class advice is offered and all members of the family are welcome to attend.

We cover many topics on our courses and also have handouts for you to take home for future reference. An example of the types of literature given to owners toilet training.

Clicker training is being used and correctly applied by trainers with a real in-depth knowledge of the subject. If anyone claims that clicker training does not work for most dogs, then they really do not understand what clicker training is all about. This method is the most powerful I have ever used, and I have been truly staggered by what my own puppy was able to learn at such an early age.

Fran's next new addition coming soon........a much wanted cousin for Tallulah to play with, and a 'pest' for Lotte and Nalle to endure.



If you would like to come along and see a class in progress before joining, you are more than welcome, so please contact us to check dates and times of existing courses.

We are now taking bookings for the following puppy classes:

Puppy Training (for puppies UNDER the age of 5 months by the course start date) ~

Monday 18th September at 6.30pm, with Fran Griffin, Location to be confirmed (either Walnut Tree or Bradwell Common). Bookings now being taken, Please call 01908 397236, or email by clicking here.

Phil Watson of AWS Dog Training is taking bookings for Puppy, Junior and Adult dog classes, for full details of what Phil has on offer, please click here to view his website.

If there is nothing suitable listed for puppy or junior classes.

Please contact: Theresa Shipp of Shipshape School For Dogs on 01525 261504. Theresa is based in Gt. Brickhill Nr. Bletchley

If you are in the Bedford area:

Contact: Lynn on 01234 210818. who runs classes at Putnoe Heights and Cranfield.

Contact: Lorraine Keeling of Happy Dog Training on 01234 365601

Contact: Phil Watson of AWS Dog Training on 01234 313026

These classes operate in a fairly similar fashion to Acorn Dog Training, but are not a part of this organisation.

"sit stay"

Some of the topics that are covered on our courses:

Basic Obedience Exercises: sit, down, stay, wait, walking on a loose lead without pulling, crossing the road, coming when called, settle down, "go lie in your bed" and much more.

Practical Advice on:            

Play Biting; Grabbing at clothing

"owww! that hurts"
Toilet Training
Jumping Up

Effective Communication and bond building

How to be your dogs best friend and trusted guardian as opposed to the dominant pack leader.

Is your dog being dominant? or is it telling you something quite different?

We also help to get your puppy used to being handled by other people in preparation for any vets visits, showing, or if you're thinking of doing any of our further Kennel Club Good Citizenship Awards.

Our courses also allow controlled, fun and safe interactions of the puppies with each other and all of the owners.

Puppy training is a very important part of being a puppy owner as advice given early on can prevent possible problems developing in the future.

WE ALSO HOLD THE KENNEL CLUB LISTED STATUS and train for The Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme puppy Foundation Level. A rosette and certificate is given to each successful participant.

Crate/Cage Training Video for all those who believe cages to be cruel and unkind. Henry reveals all from a puppy's perspective (needs Real Player to view


Fran's eldest dog meets one of the younger guests.

Whilst the youngest takes a rest.


A place recently became available on one of Fran's courses, due to somebody canceling, who didn't want to believe the advice given that a farm bred working sheep dog needs far more attention to training than most, and is not guaranteed to result in a good family pet at the end of the day, due to the breeds heightened working drives. This person had owned a border collie previously which "didn't need training" therefore was certain that she could do the same with the new puppy. Please read the Bored Collie page on this site to understand the reality of this breed. Certain breeds of dogs do have very specific needs, and we will always be honest with people as to what can happen if certain measures are not taken, even if this does shatter illusions. As the puppy grows older and becomes more independent, this is when the real inbred instincts and drives of the particular breed of dog may become apparent, such as collies chasing cars, bikes and joggers, Spaniels running off into hedges chasing birds and rabbits, Terriers disappearing down holes. Please DO NOT assume that because your 13 week old puppy is not showing any sign of these behaviours, that it is going to remain like this forever. The chances are that it won't. Please do not take chances. Start training your puppy BEFORE any problems arise. It is far easier to prevent a problem than it is to solve one. Training does take time and effort on the part of the owner, but our advice is all about helping you to make your pets socially acceptable AND as safe as possible from dangerous situations, such as running off and out into a road. This is why we run puppy training classes, as opposed to puppy "socialisation/play" sessions. Puppies are allowed to socialise and play, but after each training session has been completed.

Below is a picture of a new member of the family who will be attending puppy classes and is going to have a very active life ahead:


Here are a few pictures of some of our puppies and juniors

and one of our pup's from the past is now a mum herself. Congratulations Storm:

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