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Please note: The ethos of Acorn Dog Training is based upon training methods which do no harm to any dog. Therefore we will not trade links with any company, organisation or training group which promotes harsh training, or associated products which include choke/check chains, pinch collars or electronic training devices.


Fed up with fireworks? click this link and help with the campaign.

Please sign Heather Mills-McCartney's petition against the dog/cat hair trade by clicking on this link. Thank you.

Dog Friendly Britain website

Veterinary Surgeries: Please note, that unless otherwise stated, this website does not endorse any particular veterinary surgery, but merely provides local information.

Milton Keynes Veterinary Group
Midsummer Veterinary Group
Noah's Ark Vets (Dunstable)
Towcester Veterinary Center ~ If you are having problems in Milton Keynes and need to find a good veterinary practice, then this one is excellent (as is the one listed below), they are well worth travelling out to, and many people from Milton Keynes, myself included, do.
Julia Boness (Barton-Le-Clay)
Vet Watch
- and my goodness, there are some who certainly do need watching!!!

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
- Responsibiities of a veterinary surgeon

Health Matters:
Thornit Ear Powder from Champion Pets
Bloat - The Mother Of All Emergencies
Bloat and Nutrition

Shirleys Wellness Cafe
- interesting site, health matters
Canine Health Concern
Canine Epilepsy Network
Canine Epilepsy Guardian Angels
Hypothyroid can cause seizures
Chiropractic Treatment for Animals
Addison's Disease affects dogs as well as humans
Raw Meaty Bones Support and Action Group

AFRAID OF THUNDER? This is a new section, with more to follow, in the meantime here are some useful products:
Storm Defender - Reduce Dog Anxiety

The Advantages of Melatonin

Live Storm Data
, Track UK storms and also join the alert list so that you are emailed advance thunderstorm warnings, you will also be sent an all clear message once the storm has passed.

Sounds Scary - can help you desensitise your dog to the sound of thunder and other scary sounds.

Natural Health
Natural Animal Health

Animals Naturally
Holistic Vet, Bath
Holistic Vet Pet Care
Holistic Vet in Oswestry, Shropshire... a Vet practice to die for? - by all reports yes!!!!
Ainsworths Homeopathic Pharmacy
British Association of Holistic Nutrition and Medicine
Natural Canine Health
- health supplements

Herbal and Health
Dorwest Herbs
James Newnes

British Holistic and Veterinary Medicine Association

Skin Problems? Check out the two sites listed below:

Animal Health Issues: Immune System - Problems and Support
Earth Clinic

Animal Spirituality
When The End Comes  
Jeffrey Masson   
Dogs Who Know
The Harmony Programme
Animal Healing

Tellington Touch
Tilley Farm/Tellington Touch
Angel Animals
Calming Signals, learn how to communicate with your dog
The Rainbow Bridge

Life Recorded Online Tributes & Memorials


Training Sites:
Dogs and Cats Can Live Together in Harmony
UK Registry of Canine Behaviourist

Training in the Bedford area

Colin Tennant
~ Canine/Feline Behaviour Centre (Berkhamstead)
Canine Feline Behaviour Association (CFBA)

"Walkies" Training in Northampton ~ with very similar methods to our own

Training/Behaviour In Hitchin area

Training West Berkshire/North Hampshire area
Behaviour Problems, West Berkshire/North Hampshire

Derbyshire Dog Agility Club
Training/Behaviour in the Coventry Area
Training/Behaviour Bracknell area

Training in the Bletchley/Leighton Buzzard area
Training and Behaviour Problems in the East Sussex Area
Dog Psyche UK, training and behaviour in the S.E. Region
Dog Training - Barnet area

Training in Leicester

The Company of Animals - Chertsey, Surrey

The Kennel Club

Taking The Lead - With Gill Minter
Bridge and Target Training
Syn Alia Training Systems
The Dog Club

Barking Mad Agility (Rushden, Northants)
K9 Training UK
The Dog Partnership
Dog Aid - helping people with disability
Joyce Stranger - Author and trainer
Dog Games

Volhard Motivational Method - U.S. Site
Clicker Train USA - Clicker Training For All. (this site contains training video's)

Breed Sites:
Irish Setters

Gwendariff Irish Setters

Clever Staffies
Havanese and Coton de Tulear breeder site
Bessamour Border Collies
Pugs and French Bulldogs
Shih Tzu's

UK Boxer Dogs Forum - a must for Boxer owners and admirers.

Elvis Yorkshire Terrier
- a very informative site

Other Sites of Interest:
For Dog's Sake Stick To Toys
Canine Film Academy
- turn your dog into a star?
Dog Secrets, Sacramento, California - great site

Dog Law - Canine Law Specialists
Dogs On Holiday
containing a wealth of information, not just holidays
Dogs and Chocolate do NOT mix ~ not even the chocolate buttons especially made for dogs it seems.

A Dogs Eye View
Dogs do see colours
Animals In Mind

Its for the animals - what electric shock collars can do!

Healthy Dogs
Being Lotte - Not my dog, but this author sure describes her!

Anti-docking Alliance

Joel Gavriele-Gold
author of "When Pets Come Between Partners"
The Pet Guardian
Gone to the Dogs - British Film Comdedy, including a game where you can discover what type of dog you are.
The Dog Scene
- nice general interest pedigree dog site.
Best Breeders - Animal Breeders and Market related services
Nick Ridley - Animal Photographer
White German Shepherd Problems
The Animal Gazette
~ online news for pet owners
~ Campaigning to end animal experiments
Dog World
~ Weekly new from the canine world.
Dog Friendly Britain. The only dog-friendly site you'll ever need.
Dog People Ltd
- A One Stop Shop to help you gather information for successful holidays and days out with your canine best friend

Vet Watch
- and my goodness, there are some who certainly do need watching!!!

Dog Info Point
- Dog and Puppy information about safety, travel, toys, training, insurance, how to choose a dog and more.

- The site for dog lovers

Shopping for you and your dog:

Trover Coats

CrossKeys Books

Pam Reed (Animal Artist)
Stop Pull Harnesses and other training aids
Stock Nutrition Pet Store
All 4 Dogs
great website and great products. Nature Diet at good prices!
Dogmatic leather headcollars
Hub International, click here to purchase the Mars Coat King
Waggitt - quality dog products
(they sell the "Aquabowl"!!!!!! look under "Car+Travel")
Training Lines - Cooling mats & lots of other nice doggy stuff.
Dog Stuff
Nell Design, embroidered fleeces to your specification
Weather Togs, dog coats for all shapes and sizes
Sarah Spencer "posh" pet bedding
Dog Beds - Pet Beds
- Orthopedic luxury large dog beds for all breeds. Designer styles in donut or rectangular at wholesale. Visit the online dog store for Mammoth dog supplies.

Country Mun - Pet Accessories

The Dog Shop

Dog E Store

Karen Parker - pet portrait photography
Better Flea Control
Canine Concepts - Lovely products for your dog
Quality Pet Store

Pet Supply Guru
Seapets - Online Pet, Dog, Cat, Fish, Aquarium and Pond Supplies.
is one of the UK's leading online suppliers of Pet, Dog, Cat, Fish, Aquarium
and Pond Supplies.
That Pet Place - U.S. based online pet store
Pet Animal Books

Up Country, beautiful collars and leashes

Croft, folding cages and other products
Hyperdrug - online animal pharmacy
Doggy Shots
- turn your pet photo into something quite amusing
Dog Beds

The Total Pet Complex

Patio Pacific inc. Pet Doors

Pet portrait paintings
done from photos, pencil sketches (U.S. site)
Sue Todd Protraits - Pet Protraits
Louise Treleaven Portraits
Reeves Kennels and Runs - Manufacturers of Dog Kennels and Runs.
Masai Barefoot Technology ~ The ultimate walking shoes and trainers? absolutely great if you have back problems or joint disorders.
Need a website?
Hayley can help. Hayley has now designed quite a few sites.
Barkslope - online Pet Boutique
Pet Tags On Line

- On line pet pharmarcy.
Best Pet Pharmacy
~ Get your prescription drugs here, and save on vet fees.
- Animal Pharmacy
Tuffies ~ Superior dog bedding

Seat Covers from Over The Top

Leg protection for your sporting dog

Pro-Active Paws
- Dog Boots and Leg Protectors that work.
Dog Beds - and more
Designer Dog Wear

, one of the best headcollars on the market
The Canny Collar
- probably the best head collar on the market!
Small Dog Store
- Dog supply, gifts etc. for the small dog.

Mutley and Fifi
- Exclusive designer wear for dogs

Design Leads and Collars
(and toys)

The Truman Collar

Brint & Badger Masai Dog Collars & Leads

Help Find Missing Dogs
Dog Lost
Pet Search
Dog Theft Action


Agility Training and Equipment
Jax Jumps, Agility Equipment
R.V.A - High Quality Agility Equipment

Adams Agility - High Quality Agility Equipment

UK Agility

Agility Net

Barking Mad Agility (Rushden, Northants)

Agility by Carlson

Rascals Agility
- (between Bletchley and Leighton Buzzard)

Dashing Dogs - Agility training (and shows) in Shropshire

Boarding Kennels
Hunters Lodge


A Tullian Park Pet Hotel
Charlesberry Kennels

Chalkwell Kennels

Dog Boarding - Camp Bow Wow Premier Doggy Day and Overnight Camps provide a fun, safe and upscale environment for dogs to play, romp and receive lots of love and attention!

(if you are interested in seeing something similar to this in the U.K, please email me as we are considering setting up a doggy day care centre close to Milton Keynes).

Pet Sitting Services:
PetWatch, Milton Keynes

Platinum Pet Care Services -
(who have a sitter in Milton Keynes, known to us)
UK Pet Sitters

Animal Aunts

Pet Pals

Pet Sitter Swap

Pet Owners United - Putting you in touch with other pet owners in
your local area willing to offer mutual pet care

Take your dog away with you

Dog Sitting and Walking Services in North London

Animal Shelters
Wood Green Animal Shelters

The Dogs Trust (formerly National Canine Defence League
The Blue Cross At Burford Oxfordshire

Battersea Dogs Home

Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue
Canine Aid, Norfolk
Animals In Need, Northampton
Irish Setter Rescue
Wiccaweys Border Collies
Irish Retriever Rescue ~ UK

Lizzies Barn

Greenfields - Rabbit rescue and welfare

Advice on buying a puppy

As far as I am aware, the following rescue doesn't have a website, but I do recommend them: Jay Gee Sanctuary for Dogs, Creaton Road, Brixworth, Northamptonshire. The manager is Tracy Cook on 01604 880003.

Wolf Sites
The Anglian Wolf Society
Women and Wolves
Wolf Nation - Paws For Reflection

Riding Stables
Rectory Riding Stables



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